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A bit about me

Jessica Peterson is a digital marketing enthusiast currently serving as a Tech Ops Associate at Starcom. From a young age, she has been fascinated by the way technology has shaped the way the world communicates. From new technological advances to the tried-and-true staples, she has seen the way technology has changed the way businesses reach and engage their audiences. As a result, Ms. Peterson has shaped her career to provide her clients with focused, efficient processes relating to digital advertising while proving herself as an effective leader.


Jessica Peterson

More info

Education: Columbia College Chicago 2014
Website: www.jesspeterson.net
E-mail: jessicapeterson.m@gmail.com
Phone number: (312) 220-3388
Hobbies: Ukulele, Crocheting, Blogging, Ballet, Baking & Reading
Interests: Digital Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Branding, Programmatic & Automation


Know more about my past


  • 2015-Future

    Freelance @ Marketing Communications Consultant

    - Develop and maintain the front end functionality of websites
    - Optimize web assets for optimal speed and performance
    - Implement and maintain SEO and SEM strategies
    - Create comprehensive marketing plans and media kits for clients
    - Identify opportunities to optimize effectiveness of existing collateral
    - Assist with pulling campaign reporting and interpret data
    - Create and maintain content across various mediums and platforms such as social media, email, web sites, blogs, etc.
    - Manage team of three contractors to ensure timely delivery of all projects

  • 2015-Future

    Train that Brain @ Founder & Lead Writer

    - Research, write/edit and create layout for new articles and features
    - Develop and maintain plan for blog's Internet presence, based on management priorities and goals
    - Perform continuous enhancements and modifications to blog
    - Create image links and ensure links are up to date
    - Troubleshoot and repair bugs and problems
    - Implement SEO and SEM strategies
    - Measures content performance, utilizing bit.ly links, Iconosquare, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and Pinterest Analytics
    - Assess new standards, technologies and trends, and formulate plans for future enhancement to blogging strategies

  • 2013-2014

    AEMMPlify @ Digital Content Coordinator

    -Developed and executed business plan
    -Prepared funding proposals
    -Created and managed AEMMPlify's website
    -Curated copy and media content on the website
    -Assisted in matching artists with student filmmakers
    -Managed all social media accounts held by AEMMPlify

  • 2016 - Future

    Senior Tech Ops Associate @ Starcom

    - Execute all aspects of the trafficking process, including connecting placements to creatives, setting up consistent configurations, and collecting clean data
    - Co-lead strategic conversations with client and media teams around technology integrations to improve efficiency, range or quality of data, or support new media
    - Coordinate with the media and creative teams to activate digital campaigns (display, video, social, mobile, and programmatic)
    - Maintain functional knowledge of core ad technologies (e.g. DoubleClick, Flashtalking, etc.)
    - Anticipate and resolve potential tagging problems ahead of campaign launch
    - Collaborate with vendors to troubleshoot creative, site tagging and tracking issues that arise
    - Manage digital campaign launches and ad technology integrations
    - Serve as an ambassador welcoming new hires and showing them the ins-and-outs of Starcom

  • 2014-2016

    Marketing Specialist @ Messer, Stilp & Strickler

    - Analyze marketing data, measure performance and adjust marketing goals
    - Prepare solicitation letters for potential clients
    - Update CMS and electronic filing systems as necessary
    - Write blogs and other copy for both website and social media
    - Update and maintain content and structural design of a company website
    - Adjust digital content utilizing HTML and CSS
    - Generate marketing materials including e-newsletters, brochures & pamphlets
    - Track budget and credit card activity
    - Manage social media accounts for the company and owners
    - Plan and implement marketing strategies and campaigns

  • 2014

    Intern - Public Relations @ Law Offices of Ajay Gosain

    - Drafted press releases outlining the achievements of the company and clients
    - Assisted with publicity and marketing of an album
    - Proofread and edited agreements
    - Researched manufacturing costs and production for CDs and vinyl records
    - Recaptured ownership of copyrights
    - Summarized contractual agreements
    - Optimized content for search engines using SEO best practices
    - Compiled contact information of industry professionals for licensing deals, soundtrack albums, rights of publicity, and publishing deals


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Current Location

Chicago, IL

Phone number

(312) 220-3388